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(1) All applications for licenses to sell, manufacture, or distribute alcoholic beverages shall be made to the department upon forms supplied by the department or through the department's licensing portal. An abbreviated application may be used for license modifications as specified in ARM 42.12.118. In all other cases, the application process specified below shall be followed.

(2) Applications for licenses shall be in the names of all persons who will have an ownership interest in the business to be operated under the license, as required in 16-4-401, MCA.

(3) In addition to the license application, as applicable, the applicant shall submit:

(a) any processing fees required by ARM 42.12.111 and the license fee required by 16-4-420 or 16-4-501, MCA;

(b) a copy of the proposed agreement to transfer an ownership interest;

(c) proof that the applicant has possessory interest in the premises;

(d) any source of funding documents including, but not limited to, loan documents, gifting statements, and finance institution statements;

(e) the premises floor plan;

(f) bank account authorization and signature documents;

(g) proof of assumed business name;

(h) proof that all filings and payments related to Montana income, corporation, withholding, business, and other taxes are current;

(i) two complete sets of fingerprints and a personal history statement for each person identified in 16-4-414, MCA, and ARM 42.12.212; and

(j) for any entity applicant:

(i) proof the business is registered in Montana;

(ii) stock certificates;

(iii) stock ledger or membership units register;

(iv) bylaws; and

(v) organizational meeting minutes.

(4) At any time during the application process, an applicant must notify the department of any changes in the information and documents submitted under (3) and promptly provide the department with any corrected or updated information or documents. The department will toll the processing time of the applicant's license application in accordance with 16-4-402, MCA, until the corrected or updated documents are received.

(5) An applicant who does not have a premises ready to operate may apply for an available license pursuant to 16-4-417, MCA. The applicant must electronically apply for the license through the department's licensing portal and submit any applicable information under (3) for the department to review the application. A license issued without an approved premises will be automatically placed on nonuse status by the department.

(6) Failure of a licensee to fulfill the requirements of 16-4-417, MCA, shall subject the license to revocation.

(7) The department may waive an application requirement set forth in this rule in its sole discretion.

(8) The disqualification of any applicant to hold the license disqualifies all.

(9) The department may issue a license in its sole discretion. A licensee remains bound by all requirements in statute and rule that apply at the time an application for license or an application for renewal is approved. 


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