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(1) Relationship to School Law. The criteria must fit into the framework of school law for the administration of public schools, such as transfer of pupils, payment of tuition and other principles of school administration.

(a) County and school district boundaries do not apply: school bus areas when several of the following criteria apply:

(i) Pupils live closer to a school in an adjoining school district or county.

(ii) geographical features such as mountains, or rivers make attendance in the home district impractical.

(iii) road conditions should have a great deal of con-sideration if there is a big difference in the type of roads available for school transportation.

(iv) the natural trading center might have some bearing in some instances.

(v) very often, parents wish small children to attend the same school as older children.

(vi) a majority opinion of the parents of the children concerned.

(vii) convenience and safety of children.

(viii) type of training required by pupils.

(b) The opinion of the board of trustees where the pupil or pupils reside should have consideration in case of continued controversy.

(c) In the case of further controversy, the problem should be submitted to the voters of the school district at the annual election and the majority opinion of the voters should have consideration.

(d) Costs should enter into the decision. The area should be set up in a manner which will provide transportation to adequate school facilities at a minimum cost. The area should be assigned to the school bus route which can do the job at a minimum cost.

History: Sec. 20-3-106(18), MCA; IMP, Sec. 20-10-112 MCA; Eff. 2/26/53; ARM Pub. 11/26/77; AMD. 1981 MAR p. 422, Eff. 5/1/81.

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