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(1) A bus route having at least one eligible transportee and meeting other eligibility criteria will be reimbursed for bus mileage according to the rate schedule provided in 20-10-141 , MCA. A bus route without at least one eligible transportee is not eligible to receive reimbursement.

(2) Reimbursement is not authorized for bus transportation provided for pupils who live less than three miles from school unless the pupils have transportation listed as a related service on individualized education plans.

(3) Nonbus mileage is reimbursable for a vehicle driven by a bus driver to and from an overnight location of a school bus when the location is more than ten miles from the school. Reimbursement for nonbus mileage is 50 cents per mile.

(4) If a bus route is made up of a series of legs where one complete set of students disembarks from the bus and a new set of students board, the riders must be reported on more than one TR-1 bus route form. The district must report the legs as separate parts of a single route (e.g., Route 1A, 1B and 1C) by submitting a separate form for each section of the route ending where all of the students disembark to board another bus or to attend school before the bus continues to another destination.

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