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(1) Originals of government records reproduced on optical disk or any other digital medium or government records for which optical disk or digital medium is the original medium may be authorized for destruction or other disposition. Government agencies must use the record disposal request form RM5 for authority to dispose.

 (2) Records may be kept on a digital medium if a records retention schedule and a digital migration plan has been completed and approved for the agency's records. The digital migration plan must include at a minimum the process of:

(a) migrating records when any upgrade is made to the operating system, hardware, software, storage device(s) , server(s) , or other component(s) of the digital system; and

(b) migrating records which have not met their retention period, but are currently considered inactive must also be migrated to the current prevailing digital format ensuring their accessibility; and

(c) refreshing all digital media and corresponding refreshment schedule.

(3) Both the records retention schedule and the migration plan must be approved by the state records committee. Any modifications to the retention schedule or migration plan must be approved by the state records committee.

(4) The state records committee has the discretion to periodically review retention schedules and migrations plans and request modifications if the state records committee deems it necessary as a result of technological advances.

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