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6.6.3003    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Expenses" means the portion of a rate attributable to costs of loss adjustment, acquisition, field supervision, collection expenses, general expenses, taxes, licenses, and fees.

(2) "Prospective loss costs" means the portion of a rate that does not include provisions for expenses (other than loss adjustment expenses at the discretion of the rating organization) or profit, and which is based on historical aggregate losses and loss adjustment expenses adjusted through development to their ultimate value and projected through trending to a future point in time.

(3) "Rate" means the cost of insurance per exposure unit, whether expressed as a single number or as a prospective loss cost with an adjustment to account for the treatment of expenses, profit and variations in loss experience, prior to any application of individual risk variations based on loss or expense considerations. The term does not include minimum premiums.

(4) "Rating organization" is an organization licensed pursuant to 33-16-403 , MCA.

(5) "Supplementary rating information" means any classification system, territory code or description, manual or plan of rates, classification, rating schedule, minimum premium, policy fee, rating rule, rate-related underwriting rule, experience rating plan, statistical plan and any other similar information needed to determine the applicable rate in effect or to be in effect.

(6) "Supporting information" means:

(a) the experience and judgment of the insurer and the experience or data of other insurers or rating organizations relied upon by the insurer;

(b) the interpretation of any statistical data relied upon by the insurer;

(c) descriptions of methods used in making the rates; and

(d) other similar information required by the commissioner to be filed.

History: Sec. 33-1-313, MCA; IMP, 33-16-201 through 33-16-203, MCA; NEW, 1990 MAR p. 2171, Eff. 12/14/90.

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