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Organization of the department:

(1) History. The Department of Commerce was implemented under 2-15-104, MCA, on July 1, 1981.

(2) Director. The director of Commerce, appointed by the Governor, heads the department. The director is responsible for the administration of the department and its programs. The Director's Office directly administers five programs:

(a) Office of Public Information

(b) Office of Legal Affairs

(c) Office of Human Resources

(d) Office of Accounting and Budget

(e) Office of Information Technology

(3) Housing Division. The division consists of several programs designed to increase the affordability and availability of safe and decent housing for Montana citizens.

(4) Community Development Division. The division provides technical assistance and administers community development grant programs to help build resilient communities and empower local leaders with planning and financial resources; provide awareness and training on planning best practices; make the cost of facilities more affordable and within easier reach of Montana communities; support Montana communities in all stages of planning, implementation, and long-term maintenance of resources; facilitate a comprehensive sense of place for communities and help them adopt a process to accomplish those goals; and promote local self-sufficiency in the distribution of grants.

(5) Montana Office of Tourism and Business Development Division. The division consists of the tourism and business development programs that promote Montana as a vacation and filming destination through constituent support and marketing, and encourage business development through technical assistance, research, and finance. The division facilitates economic development opportunities and job creation for the state of Montana.

(6) Administratively Attached Entities. The following entities are administratively attached to the Department of Commerce:

(a) Board of Horse Racing, 2-15-1809, MCA;

(b) Board of Housing, 2-15-1814, MCA;

(c) Board of Investments, 2-15-1808, MCA;

(d) Board of Research and Commercialization Technology, 2-15-1819,


(e) Montana Coal Board, 2-15-1821, MCA;

(f) Hard-Rock Mining Impact Board, 2-15-1822, MCA;

(g) Montana Council on Developmental Disabilities, 2-15-1869, MCA;

(h) Montana Facility Finance Authority, 2-15-1815, MCA;

(i) Montana Heritage Preservation and Development Commission, 22-3-

1002, MCA;

(j) State-Tribal Economic Development Commission, 90-1-131, MCA; and

(k) Tourism Advisory Council, 2-15-1816, MCA.

(7) Information or Submissions. General inquiries regarding the department may be addressed to the director. Specific inquiries regarding the functions of each division may be addressed to the administrator of that division or the bureau chiefs under the division. All requests for hearings, declaratory rulings, and for participation in rulemaking may be addressed to the director unless the notice in the Montana Administrative Register makes specific provisions for submissions.

(8) Chart of Agency Organization. A descriptive chart of the Department of Commerce follows and is incorporated in this rule.




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