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8.101.306    STATE AGENCIES

(1) An eligible state agency is one that:

(a) is seeking a grant to assist a local governmental unit in providing a service which the local government unit is legally responsible to provide in whole or in part, and such service must be expanded because of coal development or decline impact, and the applicant state agency is either joined in the application by the local governmental unit's governing body or has received letters of support from such authority; or

(b) is applying to provide a direct service to the Coal Board to enable the board to more effectively discharge its statutory responsibilities.

History: 90-6-205, MCA; IMP, 90-6-205, MCA; NEW, 1980 MAR p. 2588, Eff. 9/21/80; TRANS, from Dept. of Comm. Affairs, Ch. 274, L. 1981, Eff. 7/1/81; AMD, 2006 MAR p. 1378, Eff. 6/2/06.

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