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(1) All meetings of the board are open to the public, except to the extent any meeting is closed during discussion of a matter of individual privacy or litigation strategy in accordance with 2-3-203, MCA.

(2) Notice of the board's regular meetings shall be given by:

(a) posting a statement of the time, place, and agenda of the meeting on the state's electronic calendar at https://app.mt.gov/cal/html/event/statewide/; and

(b) mailing a notice to any interested parties who have notified the board in writing.

(3) Notice of the board's special or emergency meetings and notice of committee meetings shall be given by posting a statement of the time, place, and nature of the meeting on the state's electronic calendar at https://app.mt.gov/cal/html/event/statewide/.

(4) In the case of matters determined by the board to be of significant interest to the public, adequate and appropriate notice shall be given in accordance with 2-3-101 through 2-3-114, MCA.

(5)  The agenda for all board meetings shall include an item allowing opportunity for public comment on any public matter that is not on the meeting agenda and that is within the jurisdiction of the board.

(6)  The board may not take action on any matter discussed at a meeting unless specific notice of that matter is included on the meeting agenda and public comment has been allowed on that matter.

(7)  Minutes of board meetings shall be kept and shall be available for inspection by the public on the board's website www.housing.mt.gov.

(a)  The opportunity for public comment provided in (5), public comment received at a meeting, and comment received in accordance with ARM 8.111.204(3) shall be included in the minutes.

(b)  If the presiding officer closes a meeting pursuant to 2-3-203, MCA, minutes shall be kept of the closed portion of the meeting but may not be made available for public inspection except pursuant to a court order.

(8)  Meetings of the board are not contested cases or rulemaking proceedings unless specifically designated as such in written notice by the board.  Rulemaking proceedings, contested cases, and other adjudicatory proceedings are not board meetings for purposes of this rule.


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