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(1) Camping at one or more campsites in any one designated recreation area for a period longer than 14 days during any 30-day period is prohibited unless otherwise posted. In areas so posted, said occupancy will be limited to 7 days during any 30-day period. Such 30-day periods shall run consecutively during the year commencing with the first day each person camps in a designated recreation area each year.

(2) No person may set up camp in areas other than designated campgrounds, or in any department-administered shelter building unless the shelter is posted as a camp shelter.

(3) No person may leave a set-up camp, or trailer, camper, other vehicle, or equipment unattended for more than 48 hours unless the area is otherwise posted. Such vehicles and equipment may be impounded and will not be returned to the owner or possessor until the costs of towing and impoundment are reimbursed to the department.

(4) No group of more than 30 persons may use a designated recreation area except with prior permission by the director or his agent. Groups may be assessed user fees and may be required to surrender a deposit to defray additional or unusual department expenses caused by their use of recreation areas.

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