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(1) In implementing 23-1-110 , MCA, the commission considers the following improvement or development projects to be those that significantly change park or fishing access site features or use patterns:

(a) new roadways or trails built over undisturbed land;

(b) new buildings constructed (with the exception of vault latrines and other buildings under 100 square feet) ;

(c) any excavation of 20 cubic yards or greater;

(d) new parking lots built over undisturbed land or the expansion of an existing lot that increases the parking capacity by 25% or more;

(e) any new shoreline alteration that exceeds a double wide boat ramp or handicapped fishing station;

(f) any new construction into lakes, reservoirs or streams;

(g) any new construction in an area with National Registry quality cultural artifacts (as determined by the state historical preservation office) ; and,

(h) any new above ground utility lines.

(i) any increase or decrease in campsites of 25% or more of the existing number of campsites.

(2) All proposed improvement or development projects will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine if they would significantly change park or fishing access site features or use patterns, including the cumulative effects of a series of individual projects.

History: Sec. 23-1-110 MCA; IMP, Sec. 23-1-110 MCA; NEW, 1992 MAR p. 2382, Eff. 10/30/92.

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