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(1) The director of fish, wildlife, and parks may issue a certificate or permit for the taking, capturing, and possession of birds protected under 87-5-201 , MCA, for the purposes herein specified, as follows:

(a) bird banding as part of scientific investigations;

(b) salvage of birds killed in accidents for school or museum collections;

(c) collecting abandoned birds nest for school and museum collections;

(d) nursing and treatment of sick and injured birds.

(2) No certificate or permit will be issued for the killing of such birds as a means of collection, except as may be authorized under 87-2-806 , MCA, relating to scientific collector's permits.

(3) No certificate or permit shall allow raptors to pass into private ownership.

(4) The director may set standards for determining if the merits of a project justify a certificate or permit being issued. He may limit the species and numbers of birds to be taken as well as the means used in taking or capturing. He may limit the period of possession. He may set a time limit during which the certificate is valid and may require a report of any or all activities conducted pursuant to the certificate or permit.

(5) No fee will be collected in connection with the issuance of such certificate or permit.

History: 87-­1-201, MCA; IMP, 87-5-201, MCA; NEW, Eff. 8/4/73.

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