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A current 7.5 minute USGS "topographic" map shall be submitted in all cases where a map depicting surface conditions is required. If a USGS topographic map is unavailable an equivalent will be acceptable. The map or maps submitted shall clearly:

(1) show the location and area of land to be affected during the life of the proposed mining operation with a description of access from the nearest public highway;

(2) identify the area to correspond with the application;

(3) show any adjacent deep mining and the boundaries of surface properties and names of owners of record of the proposed mining area and within 1/2 mile of any part of the proposed mining area;

(4) show the names and locations of all streams, creeks, or other bodies of water, roads, buildings, cemeteries, oil and gas wells, and utility lines on the proposed mining area and within 1,000 feet of such area;

(5) show by appropriate markings the boundaries of the area of land to be affected by the proposed mining operation, any cropline of the seam or deposit of mineral to be mined, and total number of acres involved in the area of land to be affected by the proposed mining operation;

(6) show the date on which the map was prepared and the north point;

(7) show the location of test boring holes;

(8) show the surface location lines of any geologic cross-sections which have been submitted;

(9) be certified as follows:   "I, the undersigned, hereby certify that this map is correct, and shows to the best of my knowledge and belief all the information required by the strip mining laws of this state."   The certification shall be signed and notarized.   The department may reject a map as incomplete if its accuracy is not so attested;

(10) contain such other or further information as the department may require.   The department will notify the applicant in writing as to what additional information is required.

History: 82-4-111, 82-4-112, MCA; IMP, 82-4-122, MCA; NEW, Eff. 4/4/75; TRANS, from DSL, 1996 MAR p. 2852.

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