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(1) Public water supply systems must undergo an initial sanitary survey by June 29, 1994, for community systems and nontransient noncommunity systems, and by June 29, 1999, for transient noncommunity water systems. Thereafter, nontransient noncommunity and transient noncommunity water systems must undergo another sanitary survey at least once every five years, and community water supply systems must undergo another sanitary survey at least once every three years except that the department may define a process by which a community system may be determined to be an outstanding performer and have its sanitary survey schedule reduced to no less frequently than every five years. The department must review the results of each sanitary survey to determine whether the existing monitoring frequency is adequate and what additional measures, if any, the system needs to undertake to improve drinking water quality.

(2) Sanitary surveys must be performed by the department or an agent approved by the department. The supplier is responsible for ensuring the survey takes place.


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