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17.38.512    FILLING POINTS

(1) Filling points must be constructed in order to protect against contamination of the filling pipe or hose when not in use. They must also be protected during the tank filling operation to prevent contamination of either the water being piped into the tank or water in the public water supply system.

(2) There must be no direct connection between the hose or pipe on the public water supply and the hauling tank itself. An air gap must be provided or an adequate back flow prevention device must be installed on the filler pipe.


History: 75-6-104, MCA; IMP, 75-6-104, MCA; NEW, 1979 MAR p. 38, Eff. 1/26/79; TRANS, from DHES, 1996 MAR p. 1499; AMD, 2024 MAR p. 253, Eff. 2/10/24.

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