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(1) The board's processes, criteria, and related procedures and requirements applicable to application, evaluation, and selection of projects for allocation of housing credits and for housing credit compliance are set forth in the QAP.

(2) Copies of applications and other information submitted to the board in connection with applications are available to other applicants for housing credit projects and members of the public to the extent provided and according to the procedures specified in the board's information request and release policy, available on the Department of Commerce web site at https://commerce.mt.gov

(3) At one or more regularly scheduled board meetings each year, as specified in or otherwise designated according to the QAP, the board will hear public comment and consider award of housing credit allocations in accordance with the QAP. The award of housing credit allocations is not a contested case and the award meeting is not a contested case hearing under Title 2, chapter 4, part 6, MCA.

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