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(1) Prior to construction, floor plans for the secured in-patient crisis stabilization facility must be submitted to the Licensure Bureau of the Department of Public Health and Human Services for review, comment, and approval.

(a) Prior to occupancy, the facility shall undergo an onsite inspection and receive the written approval of all authorities having jurisdiction.

(2) A SCSF is considered a separate mental health unit requiring a staff station located within the secured unit.

(a) The unit shall be staffed at all times patients are placed in the secured unit.

(3) The SCSF staff station (at a minimum) will provide the following:

(a) provisions for charting;

(b) provisions for hand washing;

(c) provisions for secured medication storage and preparation; and

(d) telephone access.

(4) The SCSF will provide access to a nourishment station or kitchen as required in 2001 Edition of the Guidelines for the Design and Construction of Hospitals and Health Care Facilities, Section 8.2.C9, For Serving Nourishments Between Meals. A copy of this publication can be obtained from the Department of Public Health and Human Services, Quality Assurance Division, Licensure Bureau, 2401 Colonial Drive, P.O. Box 202953, Helena MT 59620-2953.

(5) A nourishment station will contain the following:

(a) a work counter;

(b) refrigerator;

(c) storage cabinets;

(d) a sink;

(e) space for trays and dishes used for nonscheduled meal service;

(f) hand washing facilities in or immediately accessible; and

(g) ice for patient consumption will be provided by icemaker-dispenser units or periodically set up individually during the day.

(6) A dining/activities/day space within the unit must be provided at a ratio of 35 square feet per resident, with at least 14 square feet dedicated to dining space.

(7) Patient rooms will be at a ratio of 80 square feet for single bedrooms. The room square footage does not include bathrooms, door swings, alcoves, or vestibules. No more than one patient shall reside in a single room in a secured unit.

History: 50-5-103, MCA; IMP, 50-5-201, MCA; NEW, 2008 MAR p. 1993, Eff. 9/12/08.

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