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(1) Disposal facilities are classified according to their respective abilities to handle various types of solid waste.   Systems of acceptable disposal may entail containment of waste with assured protection against leachate migration or may take advantage of natural treatment processes such as evaporation, chemical and microbiological degradation, filtration, adsorption and attenuation.   Solid waste management facilities may involve ponds, pits, lagoons, land spreading areas, impoundments, or landfills.   Although facilities are broadly classified as to the solid waste groups they may accept, specific restrictions may be placed by the department on individual disposal units or disposal areas.   As an example, many Class II landfills may not be acceptable places for the disposal of Group II liquids or sludges.   Such restrictions, if any are warranted, shall be specified on the solid waste management system license.

(2) There are 3 types of disposal facilities:   Class II, Class III, and Class IV.

(a) Generally, facilities licensed to operate as Class II solid waste management systems are capable of receiving Group II, Group III, and Group IV wastes but not regulated hazardous wastes.   Group III and Group IV waste may be managed in Class II units or separate units at the facility.   Household waste, although it may contain some household hazardous waste or other non-regulated hazardous waste, may be disposed of at Class II landfills.

(b) Facilities licensed as Class III landfills may accept only Group III wastes.

(c) Facilities licensed as Class IV landfills may accept only Group III or Group IV wastes.   Conditionally exempt small quantity generator hazardous waste that is generated as a part of a construction or demolition project and that cannot practicably be removed from the construction and demolition waste may be included in waste disposed of in Class IV units.

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