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(1) The department shall review each submitted application for a new or renewed license to ensure that it is complete.   If additional information is required, the department shall notify the applicant in writing within 30 days after the department receives the application and shall postpone processing the application until the additional information is received and the application is complete.   If the department does not receive additional information within 90 days after requesting it from the applicant, it may require a new application.

(2) The department shall review the completed application and relevant information and make a decision whether to issue, deny, or renew a license based on the applicant's apparent ability to comply with the requirements of Title 75, chapter 10, part 12, MCA, and this subchapter.

(3) The department's decision to grant or renew a license may include such special conditions as are considered necessary to protect public health and the environment and avoid public nuisances.

(4) Within five days after receiving a completed application for a license, the department shall notify the local health officer or designated representative of each county in which the applicant proposes to do business.   To allow the local health officer or designated representative an opportunity to review and comment on an application, the department may not issue a license until 14 days after notifying the local health officer or designated representative.

(5) The department shall issue a license within 30 days after the decision to approve the license.

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