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(1) The owner or operator of a Class II landfill unit shall record and retain at the facility, in an operating record or in an alternative location approved by the department, the following information, as it becomes available:

(a) any location restriction demonstration required under ARM Title 17, chapter 50, subchapter 10;

(b) inspection records, training procedures, and notification procedures required in ARM 17.50.1103;

(c) gas monitoring results and any remediation plans required by ARM 17.50.1106;

(d) any Class II landfill unit design documentation for placement of leachate or gas condensate in a Class II landfill unit, as required under ARM 17.50.1111(1)(b);

(e) any demonstration, certification, finding, monitoring, testing, or analytical data required by ARM Title 17, chapter 50, subchapter 13;

(f) closure and post-closure care plans and any monitoring, testing, or analytical data as required by ARM 17.50.1403 and 17.50.1404;

(g) any cost estimates and financial assurance documentation required by ARM 17.50.540; and

(h) any information demonstrating compliance with the small community exemption, as required by ARM 17.50.1203(2).

(2) The owner/operator shall notify the department when a document listed in (1) has been placed in, or added to, the operating record, and all information contained in the operating record must be furnished upon request to the department or be made available at all reasonable times for inspection by the department.

(3) The department may set, and an owner or operator shall comply with, alternative schedules for recordkeeping and notification requirements specified in (1) and (2), except for the notification requirements in ARM 17.50.1003(2) and 17.50.1307(7)(a)(iii).

(4) The department's regulatory program for solid waste does not include the requirements of 40 CFR Part 3, Electronic Reporting. Therefore, the owner or operator may not submit electronic documents to satisfy the requirements of subchapters 4 through 14.

History: 75-10-204, MCA; IMP, 75-10-204, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 317, Eff. 2/12/10.

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