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(1) The owner or operator of a Class IV landfill unit:

(a) shall control litter, odor, wastewater, and leachate;

(b) shall apply an approved cover at least every three months unless more frequent cover is needed to control litter or minimize leachate;

(c) may not accept liquid paints, solvents, glues, resins, dyes, oils, pesticides, putrescible organic materials, or any other household hazardous wastes. If these wastes have not been removed from buildings prior to demolition, the owner or operator of a Class IV landfill unit may not accept the wastes as demolition waste;

(d) shall provide cost estimates and financial assurance for closure and post-closure care to the same extent as required for a Class II landfill unit in ARM 17.50.540; and

(e) shall comply with the requirements of ARM 17.50.1113 concerning a deed notation.

(2) The owner or operator of a Class IV landfill unit shall comply, to the same extent required for a Class II landfill unit, with the:

(a) waste screening requirements in ARM 17.50.1103;

(b) disease vector control requirements in ARM 17.50.1105;

(c) explosive gas control requirements in ARM 17.50.1106;

(d) air criteria requirements in ARM 17.50.1107;

(e) access requirements in ARM 17.50.1108;

(f) run-on and run-off control systems requirements as in ARM 17.50.1109;

(g) surface water requirements in ARM 17.50.1110;

(h) bulk liquids requirements in ARM 17.50.1111;

(i) recordkeeping requirements in ARM 17.50.1112; and

(j) ground water monitoring requirements in ARM Title 17, chapter 50, subchapter 13, unless the owner or operator obtains department approval of a demonstration that there is no potential for migration of a constituent in Appendix I or II to 40 CFR Part 258 (July 1, 2008) pursuant to ARM Title 17, chapter 50, subchapter 13, or a demonstration that such monitoring is not required to protect human health and the environment.

History: 75-10-204, MCA; IMP, 75-10-204, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 317, Eff. 2/12/10.

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