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(1) Except for therapeutic group homes, each YCF must develop a case plan for each youth in care. A case plan is a specific plan for providing care, treatment, and services of any kind to a specific youth.

(2) The case plan must include but is not limited to the following:

(a) the youth's physical and medical needs;

(b) behavior management issues;

(c) mental health services when appropriate;

(d) the service goals with corresponding time frames, placement goals, discharge plans, estimated discharge date, and follow-up services;

(e) education plans;

(f) measurable goals and objectives;

(g) the responsibilities of the youth, staff, and custodial parent or guardian for meeting the goals and objectives; and

(h) identification of all treatment members.

(3) The initial case plan must be developed with the youth (over the age of 5), parent/legal guardian, and placing agency and within seven business days after admission.

(4) The case plan must be reviewed and updated at least every three months from the day of development, be conducted face-to-face with the youth, and document the input of the youth (over the age of 5), parent/legal guardian, and placing agency.

(a) If the parent/legal guardian or placing agency are unable to attend face-to-face, telecommunication must be provided at a time that is convenient for the parent/legal guardian and placing agency.

(5) A copy of the signed case plan must be provided to the placing agency and parent or guardian within seven days of developing and updating the plan.

(6) Therapeutic group homes must meet the treatment plan requirements in ARM 37.97.907.


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