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(1)  Cattle or domestic bison located within the DSA must have an official brucellosis test within 30 days prior to leaving the DSA or changing ownership, except:

(a) Steers or spayed heifers.

(b) Sexually intact animals less than 12 months of age for feeding.

(c) Animals moving to an approved Montana livestock market that will be tested at the market prior to sale.

(d) Animals destined for exhibition or veterinary care within the DSA that will not be commingled with other livestock, will remain in confinement for the duration of the event/treatment, and will depart within 10 days of arrival.

(e) Animals utilizing the DSA during the low-risk period (entering the DSA after July 15 and leaving prior to February 15).

(2) A test completed July 16 or after is acceptable for movement out of the DSA or change of ownership through February 15 of the following year.

(3) Animals entering the DSA for summer grazing may be tested upon return to their origin location. Testing must be done within 10 days and animals may not be commingled with other livestock until testing is complete.

(4) Other variances or exceptions to requirements will be considered on an individual basis by the administrator based on a brucellosis herd management agreement.


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