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(1) Applicants applying under ARM 24.219.701 must meet the supervised work experience requirements in 37-37-201, MCA, and as defined in ARM 24.219.301.

(2) As a part of the requirements in (1), the hours obtained post-degree must include:

(a) 100 individual hours, using a 5:1 ratio of client contact hours to supervision hours of which at least 75 percent are in individual supervision;

(b) group supervision consisting of no more than six candidates; and

(c) a minimum of 1000 post-degree hours of client contact accumulated within the last five years with a minimum of 50 percent of those hours providing services to couples and families. There must be a 5:1 ratio of client contact hours to supervision hours with:

(i) at least 200 hours of face-to-face supervision of which at least 150 hours are in individual supervision, and of which a minimum of 80 hours is earned with each supervisor; and

(ii) at least 100 hours of supervision involving raw clinical data, i.e., live observation in the therapy room or through a one-way mirror or live-feed camera, videotape, or audiotape.

(3) When an LMFT candidate completes the requirements of (1) and (2) of this rule, the candidate will qualify for examination per ARM 24.219.702.


History: 37-1-131, 37-22-201, MCA; IMP, 37-1-131, 37-37-201, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 2158, Eff. 10/14/11; AMD, 2016 MAR p. 221, Eff. 2/6/16; AMD, 2019 MAR p. 2371, Eff. 12/28/19; AMD, 2020 MAR p. 1517, Eff. 8/8/20.

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