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12.9.707    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Effective winter cover" means dense woody or herbaceous vegetative component on the landscape that provides upland game birds with thermal and protective cover in proximity to a nearby food source.

(2) "Habitat site" means the area where actual enhancement work will be accomplished, conserved, and maintained.

(3) "Maintenance" means a temporary activity necessary for the upkeep, repair, or enhancement of an existing or intended long-term habitat component as identified in the Upland Game Bird Habitat Enhancement Program contract or work plan.

(4) "Project" means the specific activity on a particular area over a specified period of time that intends to enhance or conserve upland game bird habitats or populations. Expenditures are administered and capped in statute.

(5) "Project area" means those specific acres identified in the contract that includes both the habitat site and project access area. Several projects may occur on a single project area.

(6) "Project access area" mean the legally defined property open to some level of public hunting as defined in a contract.

(7) "Project area of influence" means the land and associated game birds that may affect or may be affected by the habitat enhancement improvement or activity.

(8) "Project types" means the actual activities conducted to enhance upland game bird populations and include, but are not limited to shelterbelts, grazing systems, food plots, nesting cover, upland game bird releases, and supplemental feeding activities.

History: 87-1-249, MCA; IMP, 87-1-248, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 1766, Eff. 9/7/12.

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