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(1) Specific service ramp signs may be installed at single-exit interchanges along the ramp or at the ramp terminal for facilities that have logo sign panels displayed along the main roadway if the facilities are not readily visible from the ramp terminal. Directions to the service facilities shall be indicated by arrows on the ramp signs. Logo sign panels on the ramp signs shall be duplicates of those displayed in the specific service signs located in advance of the interchange, but shall be reduced in size to meet standards in the MUTCD.

(2) Where the qualified business is located more than one mile from the interchange, mileage may also be given on the specific service ramp sign.

(3) The franchisee shall determine if a qualified business is visible from the traveled way, subject to review by the department.

(4) The exact location of the specific service ramp signs shall be determined by the franchisee, subject to review by the department.

(5) A minimum of 100 feet is required between successive specific service ramp signs.


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