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(1) A business sign, or logo sign panel shall be an identification symbol, identification trademark, or a word message. Each business sign shall be placed on a separate logo sign panel that shall be attached to the specific service sign. Only a business name or trade name shall be used on business signs. If a nationally, regionally, or locally recognized trade name is available, it shall be used in preference to any other form of business identification.

(2) Any message which advertises rather than identifies a business is prohibited.

(3) Messages or trade names which interfere with, imitate, or resemble any official warning or regulatory signs, signals, or traffic control devices, or attempt or appear to attempt to direct the movement of traffic are prohibited.

(4) Symbols or trademarks used alone for a logo shall be reproduced in the colors and general shape consistent with customary use, and any integral legend shall be in proportionate size. A word message logo, not using a symbol or trademark, shall conform to color and letter height standards in the MUTCD.

(5) Business signs (logo sign panels) shall initially be placed on a specific information sign, having two rows of such signs in order of increasing distance as follows: Closest, upper left; second, lower left; third, upper center; fourth, lower center; fifth, upper right; sixth, lower right. On specific information (LOGO) signs with a single row of business signs, individual business signs shall be placed in order of increasing distance from left to right. Relative distance of each qualified business to the interchange shall be determined at the time of lease application. Later additions may be made without rearranging the remaining business signs.

(6) The order of arrangement for business signs on specific service ramp signs and specific service trailblazer signs will be determined by the direction of the arrow. Businesses located on the left shall be designated at the top of the sign.


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