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24.301.603    DEFINITIONS

(1) "Conveyance" as used in this rule means the equipment, associated parts, and hoistways set forth at 50-60-704(1), MCA. It does not include conveyances in private residences, farms, or ranches.

(2) "Conveyance work" means the design, construction, alteration, operation, maintenance, repair, inspection, installation, and testing of the equipment set forth at 50-60-704(1), MCA.

(3)  "Hoistway enclosure" means the fixed structure of vertical walls or partitions, that isolates the hoistway from other areas or from an adjacent hoistway and in which entrances are installed.

(4)  "Hoistway shaft" means an opening through a building or structure for the travel of an elevator, dumbwaiter, or material lift, extending from the pit floor to the roof, or the floor above.

(5) "Private residences" for the purposes of applying the permit exclusion at 50-60-703, MCA, include only those conveyances contained wholly within a single, private residence, for personal use by the owner. Conveyances to which the public may gain access are not deemed to be within a private residence. However, any person performing conveyance work in a private residence or on a farm or ranch is still subject to the elevator contractor, mechanic, and inspector licensing requirements in Title 37, chapter 73, MCA.

(6) "Stop" for the purpose of fee calculation is any vertical or horizontal location of the elevator opening, escalator, or moving walk which is used to receive or discharge passengers or freight.


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