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(1) Except as provided in ARM 24.11.208, the department shall relieve the charge to an employer's experience-rated account for benefits paid to a claimant who was discharged for misconduct or voluntarily left work without good cause attributable to the employment, in accordance with 39-51-2302 and 39-51-2303, MCA.

(2) The department shall also relieve the charge to an employer's experience-rated account for the benefits paid to a claimant who voluntarily left work for the following reasons:

(a) the department reached an individualized determination that the claimant left work that was unsuitable for the claimant, pursuant to ARM 24.11.485;

(b) the claimant left work within 30 days of resuming a state-approved training program, pursuant to ARM 24.11.475;

(c) the claimant left work or was discharged due to circumstances resulting from domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking of claimant or claimant's child, pursuant to 39-51-2111, MCA;

(d) the claimant left temporary work, accepted during a period of unemployment, in order to return immediately to work for claimant's regular employer, pursuant to 39-51-2302, MCA;

(e) the claimant left work due to the mandatory military transfer of the claimant's spouse, pursuant to 39-51-2302, MCA; or

(f) the claimant's job was unavailable after claimant was ordered into military service for a period of less than six weeks, pursuant to 39-51-2302, MCA.

(3) The department shall assign the costs of benefits paid to claimants under (2) to the unemployment insurance trust fund.

History: 39-51-301, 39-51-302, MCA; IMP, 39-51-1214, 39-51-2111, 39-51-2116, 39-51-2302, 39-51-2303, MCA; NEW, 2013 MAR p. 2144, Eff. 11/15/13

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