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8.22.3901    DEFINITIONS

As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Administrative week" means an upcoming identified weekly period of Wednesday through the following Tuesday.

(2) "Board" means the Montana Board of Horse Racing provided for in 2-15-3106, MCA.

(3) "Breakage" means the odd cents over a multiple of ten cents arising from the computation of odds and payoffs on parimutuel fantasy sports wagers.

(4) "Common parimutuel pool" means a parimutuel wagering pool consisting of the parimutuel fantasy sports wagers placed at two or more licensed parimutuel facilities in Montana.

(5) "Fantasy sports coordinator" means an official hired by the Department of Commerce (department) to regulate, audit, approve network operating plans, approve league rules, receive point totals from network, designate point totals as "official," annually approve the information service to be used by the network, and control and supervise overall conduct and operation of parimutuel fantasy sports wagering.

(6) "Fantasy sports league" has the meaning found at 23-5-801, MCA.

(7) "Fantasy sports parimutuel system" means a computerized system or component of a system that is used to receive wagering information from and transmit pool data to a parimutuel network.

(8) "Fantasy sports parimutuel wager" means a parimutuel wager at a licensed parimutuel facility in Montana, through a fantasy sports league, on professional sporting events offered as part of a common parimutuel pool.

(9) "Information service" means a person or entity chosen annually by the fantasy sports coordinator to sell or provide information to the licensed fantasy sports parimutuel network, from among those services providing statistics from the individual sport's sanctioning body, and gather statistics on professional team and individual performances, which information is used to create rosters or programs of available professional sports players and teams.

(10) "League member" means a person at least 18 years of age who participates in fantasy sports parimutuel wagering at a Montana-licensed fantasy sports parimutuel facility. The term does not include a corporation, partnership, limited liability company, trust, estate, or any other entity.

(11) "Official league rules" means a set of operating guidelines and requirements proposed by the network director and subsequently approved by the fantasy sports coordinator, to govern selection of individual sport, selection of players, method of point calculation or scoring, and other information within parameters set by board rule. The rules must be available to each league member and provided upon request. Each set of official league rules must be approved by the fantasy sports coordinator and made official before being used by the network or a parimutuel facility.

(12) "Parimutuel facility" has the meaning found in 23-4-101, MCA, as a facility licensed by the board at which fantasy sports leagues are conducted and wagering on the outcome under a parimutuel system is permitted. In addition, the parimutuel facility must be licensed pursuant to the provision of Title 23, chapter 4, MCA, and ARM 32.28.2206.

(13) "Parimutuel hub" means a system to which the parimutuel network will be connected, and which monitors all fantasy sports parimutuel wagering in Montana.

(14) "Parimutuel network" has the meaning found at 23-4-101, MCA, as an association licensed by the board to compile and distribute fantasy sports league rosters and weekly point totals for licensed parimutuel facilities and to manage statewide parimutuel wagering pools on fantasy sports leagues. In addition, the term includes a person engaged in providing the parimutuel fantasy sports system or service directly related to the reconciliation of a common fantasy sports parimutuel pool and transfer of funds between the participating fantasy sports parimutuel facilities. A parimutuel network must be physically located in Montana and operated in Montana.

(15) "Parimutuel network director" means a person or office licensed by the board to solicit facility sites for the network, provide equipment to connect to the parimutuel hub, verify all takeout amounts are collected from the facilities and distributed to the board, advertise, promote, select individual fantasy sports games in which the network may participate, and calculate point totals for professional players or teams based on previously-defined rules for award of points.

(16) "Pool data" means data regarding the results, payoffs, odds or payoff prices, and the aggregate amount of parimutuel fantasy sports wagers accepted on each professional sporting event by all parimutuel fantasy sports facilities.

(17) "Roster" or "program" means a list of eligible professional sports participants for the appropriate period; eligible specific professional sports races, games, matches, or contests for the appropriate period; and types of combination wagers eligible to be placed for that sport in that period. The roster or program must be prepared by the Montana licensed parimutuel network for fantasy sports, and must be provided to each league member.

(18) "Sporting event" means an individual race, game, match, or contest, and any group, series, or part thereof from a given professional sport. The term does not include horse or dog races.

(19) "Takeout" means an amount retained and not returned to patrons by a licensed parimutuel fantasy sports facility from the aggregate amount of parimutuel fantasy sports wagers.

(20) "Team" means a fictitious team of not less than two players composed of athletes from a given professional sport.

(21) "Wagering information" means the amount of parimutuel fantasy sports wagers accepted for each sporting event by a single parimutuel fantasy sports facility.

(22) "Wagering period" means a period of time as defined by league rule for a single or multiple day event.


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