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(1) A campaign expense paid personally by an individual in his or her own campaign is always coordinated with, and is a campaign expense of, the campaign that must be reported and disclosed as an expense by the campaign in the same manner as an expense paid through the campaign depository account.

(2) An obligation to pay for a campaign expenditure is incurred on the date the obligation is made, and shall be reported as a debt of the campaign until the campaign pays the obligation by making an expenditure.

(3) An expenditure is made on the date payment is made, or in the case of an in-kind expenditure, on the date the consideration is given.

(4) The date of each expenditure shall be reported in the reporting period during which it is made.

(5) All expenditures must be supported by a contemporaneous written agreement, invoice, billing statement, or similar documentation appropriate to the transaction that describes the services provided, the billing period identifying the specific dates on which services were provided, an itemized basis for the payments made, and other pertinent information. 

(6) Reporting independent expenditures:

(a) shall be reported in accordance with the procedures for reporting other expenditures;

(b) a person making an independent expenditure shall report the name of the candidate or committee the independent expenditure was intended to benefit, and the fact that the expenditure was independent; and

(c) the candidate or political committee benefiting from the independent expenditure does not have to report the expenditure.

(7) For the purposes of 13-37-226, MCA:

(a) the reports required to be filed within two business days shall be filed electronically, pursuant to ARM 44.11.302; and

(b) all expenditures and contributions reported under (a) shall also be included on the post-election report.


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