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(1) The applicant and all adults who reside in the applicant's home must provide authorization for background checks pursuant to ARM 37.95.161.

(2) An application must be denied for reasons identified in ARM 37.95.176.

(3) An application will also be denied for the following reasons:

(a) parent and provider reside at the same residence and the proposed caregiver is not an approved relative caregiver;

(b) applicant discriminates in the provision of child care services on the basis of the race, sex, religion, creed, color, or national origin of the parent or the child; or

(c) the background check process has exceeded 90 days.

(4) FFN providers must also meet the following requirements to be registered under this chapter:

(a) be 18 years of age or older;

(b) limit the care they provide to a period of less than 24 consecutive hours;

(c) may care for either a sibling group of any size or no more than four unrelated children;

(d) complete orientation approved by the department that includes health and safety training;

(e) hold current certification for infant, child, and adult CPR, infant choking response, and pediatric first aid. CPR certification must be completed in a hands-on setting;

(f) complete at least eight hours of approved annual training per year; and

(g) complete a health and safety review course at least every three years. The health and safety review course may count towards the annual training required in (f).

(5) The department may investigate and inspect the conditions and qualifications of any FFN provider and the home that care is provided in.

(6) Care can only be provided in the child's home as defined in ARM 37.80.208.  If care is provided in the child's home, monitoring the home as outlined in (5) applies.

(7) An FFN is required to have day care parent information as listed in ARM 37.95.115.

(8) An FFN must follow the health and safety requirements at the child care location as outlined in:

(a) facility safety requirements defined in ARM 37.95.121;

(b) emergency disaster and action plan defined in ARM 37.95.124;

(c) a smoke-free environment defined in ARM 37.95.126;

(d) swimming as defined in ARM 37.95.127;

(e) fire safety as defined in ARM 37.95.706; and

(f) other health requirements outlined in ARM 37.95.708.

(9) An FFN is a mandatory reporter of suspected child abuse and neglect as defined in ARM 37.95.171 and required to supervise children at all times as defined in ARM 37.95.172.

(10) An FFN is required to store and administer medication as outlined in ARM 37.95.182 and follow health habits as outlined in ARM 37.95.184.

(11) An FFN must follow infant and toddler health and safety requirements as outlined in:

(a) diapering and toilet training in ARM 37.95.1001;

(b) feeding in ARM 37.95.1003;

(c) sleeping in ARM 37.95.1005;

(d) activities in ARM 37.95.1011;

(e) outdoor activities in ARM 37.95.1015; and

(f) equipment standards in ARM 37.95.1016.


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