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(1) An inspection fee deposit of $90 for the use of a licensed department inspector shall be submitted to the department for each installation or closure not conducted by a licensed installer. The owner or operator shall submit the inspection fee deposit with the permit application in accordance with ARM 17.56.1308 and the fee must be paid in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality.

(2) If a permit applicant changes the method of installation or closure from inspection to use of a licensed installer or cancels the installation or closure, the department shall refund the inspection fee deposit to the applicant, without payment of interest, upon the applicant's request if:

(a) the department receives from the applicant a written request for a refund not later than two weeks after the expiration of the permit; and

(b) the applicant surrenders the unused permit to the department.

(3) Within five days after completion of the inspection, the inspector shall report the total time required for the inspection, including the inspector's travel time to and from the inspection site, reported to the nearest one-half hour. Upon receipt of the report, the department shall calculate the total inspection fee owing to the department based upon the following formula for closures and installation inspections:


Type of Fee

Minimum fee (fee deposit) $90

Per hour fee for each hour

over 2 hours $45


(4) The total inspection fee must be calculated by multiplying the actual inspection and travel time that is greater than two hours, calculated to the nearest one-half hour, times the hourly fee provided in (3) and adding the result to the fee deposit. Any amount calculated greater than the deposit paid to the department must be billed by state invoice to the permittee and must be paid by the permittee within 30 days of receipt of the state's invoice. 

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