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(1) In addition to requirements in ARM 37.106.330, the EDC policy and procedure manual must include information for:

(a) eligibility for services;

(b) client screenings and assessments;

(c) plan of care;

(d) client rights and grievances;

(e) monitoring the client's weight and food related behaviors;

(f) maintaining clinical records;

(g) establishing fiscal policies governing the management of organizational funds;

(h) establishing and maintaining orientation and ongoing staffing requirements;

(i) informing clients of policies pertaining to the EDC;

(j) screening, hiring, and assessing staff which include conducting practices that assist the EDC in identifying employees that may pose a risk or threat to the health, safety, or welfare of any resident, and provide written documentation of the findings and the outcome in the employee's file;

(k) reporting suspected abuse or neglect in accordance with Title 52, chapter 3, part 8, MCA, for adults; and in accordance with Title 41, chapter 3, part 2, MCA, for children.

(l) reporting requirements to notify the department's Quality Assurance Division, by e-mail or fax within 24 hours, of a client, staff, volunteer, or visitor death where the death occurs on-site or in service related activities; of any fire, accident, or other incident resulting in significant damage to the service site;

(m) defining staff ethical standards and conduct, including investigating and reporting of unprofessional conduct to the applicable professional licensing authority;

(n) discharge;

(o) meal support, if applicable;

(p) the management, storage, and disposal of any prescription and over-the-counter drugs;

(q) client transportation, if provided by the EDC;

(r) crisis intervention services; and

(s) conducting staff criminal background checks including convictions that disqualify individuals from employment.

(2) The policy and procedure manual must include a current organizational chart delineating the current lines of authority, responsibility, and accountability for the administration and provision of all client services.


History: 50-5-247, MCA; IMP, 50-5-247, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 2214, Eff. 11/3/18.

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