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(1) To become licensed, an applicant for a license must successfully complete a written examination. The department shall offer the examination by appointment to the applicant and the examination must be conducted at a time and place fixed by the department.

(2) To take the examination, the applicant must register with the department for the examination at least 5 days before an examination is scheduled by submitting a completed license application to the department and paying the license application and examination fee provided in ARM 17.56.1404.

(3) The examination must test the applicant's knowledge of the statutes, rules, current technology, and industry recommended practices applicable to the type of license sought.

(4) To qualify for licensing, an applicant for a compliance and oversight inspector license must have completed an inspector training course approved by the department that includes training in the operation and maintenance of release detection, corrosion protection, spill and overfill equipment, and regulatory compliance. Applicants possessing an installer license issued in accordance with the rules of this subchapter do not need to complete an inspector training course. All applicants, including those possessing an installer license, must successfully complete a field practical examination.

(5) To prepare and administer an examination, the department may utilize a national certification examination or the services of organizations which have expertise and experience in the development and administration of licensing and code examinations. Such organizations must use nationally recognized educational standards and methods to develop and validate the examination used by the department.

(6) A score of 80 percent or higher on the written examination and on the compliance and oversight inspector field practical examination constitutes a passing grade. The department shall notify applicants of their examination score within 30 days of the date the department calculates or receives the test score results.

(7) An applicant who fails the examination may retake the examination only twice by registering in the same manner as for the original examination. 

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