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(1) The department shall issue a license upon the applicant's satisfaction of the applicable provisions of this subchapter and Title 75, chapter 11, part 2, MCA. The license must set forth the name of the licensee, a license identification number, the type of license issued, and the dates of expiration of the license, and any restrictions.

(2) A license issued under this subchapter is valid for one calendar year beginning on March 1 of the year the license is issued and ending on the last day of February of the following year. A license under this subchapter expires at the end of the annual period, unless annual registration fees are paid within the annual period. In addition, the licensee must earn the required department-approved continuing education units within the triennial period.

(3) Licenses may be revoked, suspended, modified or restricted prior to expiration in accordance with 75-11-211, MCA, (4), and ARM 17.56.1423 through 17.56.1426, as applicable.

(4) If the department determines that restrictions are necessary to protect the public's or licensee's health, safety, or welfare, or to protect the environment, upon issuance or renewal of a license or at other times in accordance with ARM 17.56.1423, the department may restrict or condition a license limiting the licensee in the time, type, or manner of work to be performed pursuant to the license or impose any other conditions it deems appropriate.

(5) No license may be granted unless the department determines, on the basis of the application and attachments and the examination given under ARM 17.56.1405, that the applicant possesses the necessary competence and experience. The applicant must be able to understand and comply with the rules governing the subject area in which the applicant intends to be licensed, and must understand the techniques required to ensure that the applicant's actions will protect public health, safety, and the environment. 

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