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17.56.1407    LICENSE RENEWAL

(1) A licensee who does not request a change from the category of license currently held may renew the license within the annual period if the licensee completes a renewal application form provided by the department, pays the license renewal application fee required by ARM 17.56.1404 and, before the conclusion of each triennial period, provide sufficient proof that the continuing education requirements have been satisfactorily completed as required by (3) or (4).

(2) The department shall renew the license of any person who complies with the provisions of (1) within 30 days of receipt of the renewal application.

(3) Licensed removers must complete at least one refresher training course administered by the department for a total of four credit hours of continuing education within the triennial period.

(4) All licensees not subject to (3) must complete at least two department-approved continuing education courses for a total of 16 credit hours of continuing education within the triennial period. One course must be a department-administered refresher training course.

(5) The department shall notify a licensee of the impending expiration of the license at least 60 days prior to the expiration date of the license. The licensee shall keep the department informed of the licensee's current address for notification purposes. Failure of the department to notify the licensee does not affect the expiration of the license.

(6) A licensee, whose license has expired or who wants to change license categories, is subject to the same licensing requirements as a new applicant, including payment of the license application and examination fees and the satisfactory completion of the written licensing examination.

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