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(1) Applicants must have completed a minimum of 285 contact hours of training in addiction studies completed either in whole or in part of the degree or certificate in 37-39-310, MCA. If not all  285 required hours were completed as part of the degree, then the applicant can complete those outside of the degree or certificate. The 285 hours must be in the following areas:

(a) 60 hours in addiction assessment (must include chemical dependency assessment, biopsychosocial testing, diagnosis, referrals, and patient placement);

(b) 90 hours in addiction counseling;

(c) 15 hours in pharmacology (must include drug classification, effects, detoxification, and withdrawal);

(d) 15 hours in ethics for counselors;

(e) 30 hours in alcohol and drug studies;

(f) 30 hours in addiction treatment planning and documentation;

(g) 15 hours in multicultural competency (knowledge of and sensitivity to the cultural factors and needs of diverse populations and demonstrates competency in applying culturally relevant skills);

(h) 15 hours in co-occurring disorders; and

(i) 15 hours in gambling/gaming disorder assessment and counseling.


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