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(1) Licensees are required to obtain 20 hours of continuing education (CE) annually, prior to renewal.

(2) Licensees completing more than 20 hours of CE may carry forward those hours into the next year. The number of hours carried forward shall not exceed 20 hours.

(3) Licensees holding more than one type of license must demonstrate completion of 20 hours of CE with each license.

(4) Of the 20 hours:

(a) a minimum of two hours must relate to suicide prevention for a licensee's first renewal and every two years thereafter; and

(b) a maximum ten hours may be for:

(i) first-time preparation of a new course, in-service training workshop, or seminar which meets the criteria in (6); or

(ii) preparation time by the author or authors of a paper which meets the criteria in (6) that is published for the first time in a recognized professional journal, or given for the first time at a statewide or national professional meeting.

(5) Continuing education requirements will not apply until after the licensee's first renewal.

(6) Licensees are responsible for selecting quality programs that focus on protecting the health, safety, and welfare of the public and contribute to licensees' professional knowledge and competence. Acceptable CE activities:

(a) directly relate to the licensee's scope of practice as defined in board statute or rule;

(b) review existing concepts and techniques;

(c) convey information beyond the basic professional education;

(d) update knowledge on the practice and advances in the profession; or

(e) reinforce professional conduct or ethical obligations of the licensee.

(7) The department may randomly audit up to 50 percent of renewed licensees.

(8) Licensees must maintain documentation of completed CE for three years and provide documentation to the board upon request. Documentation must include the following information:

(a) licensee name;

(b) course title and description of content;

(c) presenter or sponsor;

(d) course date(s); and

(e) number of CE hours earned.

(9) Any CE hours required by disciplinary order do not apply toward the 20 hours that are required annually under this rule.

(10) A licensee may request an exemption from CE requirements due to hardship. Requests will be considered by the department.


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