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23.18.314    DRUG PATCH USAGE

(1) Only drug patches and vendors on the department's list of approved testing methodologies, instruments, and vendors may be used in the program.

(2) A drug patch shall be used and transmitted to the laboratory for analysis in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

(3) The individual removing the drug patch shall collect specimens using a container from an approved vendor and send the container to the laboratory for testing.

(4) For each specimen, the individual administering the drug patch shall complete a test-requisition and chain of custody form in accordance with industry standards.

(5) Required data from drug patch testing must be promptly entered into the data management system. The required data includes:

(a) enrollment data as outlined in ARM 23.18.303(4);

(b) the program start date;

(c) the program end date;

(d) the drug patch attachment date;

(e) the drug patch identification;

(f) the test status and result;

(g) the reason for the participant's program termination; and

(h) the date and time of the participant's program termination.


History: 44-4-1204, MCA; IMP, 44-4-1203, 44-4-1204, MCA; NEW, 2020 MAR p. 2407, Eff. 12/25/20.

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