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(1) An applicant must be a resident of the State of Montana under 1-1-215, MCA.

(2) All applications must be completed on forms provided by the department.

(3) A complete application must include the required fee, statements, and forms required in the application packet to be accepted and processed by the department. Any documents submitted electronically must be uploaded in a format that the department is able to access and view.

(4) The registry identification card expires one year from the date of issuance with the exception of the following:

(a) the physician statement provides a written certification for a shorter period of time; or

(b) a registered cardholder changes provider or marijuana-infused products provider.

(5) Renewal applications must be submitted within 30 calendar days prior to the expiration date of the license.

(6) Any denial under this part is subject to a contested case hearing before the department's Office of Dispute Resolution, as provided for under ARM 42.2.621.

(7) A custodial parent or legal guardian may submit an application for a minor under 50-46-307, MCA.


History: 50-46-344, MCA; IMP, 50-46-303, 50-46-307, 50-46-310, 50-46-344, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 2047, Eff. 9/23/11; AMD, 2018 MAR p. 321, Eff. 4/10/18; TRANS, from ARM 37.107.111, 2021 MAR p. 765, Eff. 7/2/21; AMD, 2021 MAR p. 1147, Eff. 9/11/21.

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