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(1)  The library is open during convenient hours.  At a minimum, the library is open at least the following number of hours weekly: 


Service Area Population



Fewer than 3,500

15 hours

25-40 hours

3,501 – 9,999

30 hours

40-50 hours

10,000 – 24,999

40 hours

50-60 hours

More than 25,000

50 hours

60+ hours


(2)  Everyone has safe, comfortable, and convenient access to the library and its services.

(3)  Everyone has access to updated and regularly maintained physical and digital library content and services.

(4)  Everyone can find library materials online.

(5)  Everyone has access to virtual and face-to-face programming.

(6)  Everyone has access to information about local community and government activities that assists them with understanding local community issues and allows them to engage civically in the community.

(7)  Children and caregivers have access to early literacy programming and materials either through the library or by being directed to another community organization that specializes in early literacy.

(8)  Everyone has access to information about library programs and services through internal and external marketing efforts of library staff.

(9)  Everyone has access to a library website or social media site.

(10)  Everyone can obtain materials and services from another library through interlibrary loan services.

(11)  Everyone has access to the Internet via wired and WIFI connections.

(12)  Reasonable accommodations are made so that people with disabilities have access to the library's services.


History: 22-1-103, MCA; IMP, 22-1-103, MCA; NEW, 2021 MAR p. 1138, Eff. 7/1/22.

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