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(1) The department may provide grant money from the department's special revenue account for the purchase of courtesy cars for use at qualified airports. 

(2) All eligible applicants must complete the courtesy car grant application form found on the Department of Transportation's web site at www.mdt.mt.gov.  Applications will be accepted by the Aeronautics Division annually between April 1 and May 31 of each year.  Completed applications and all supplemental materials must be submitted electronically to the Aeronautics Division and must be received no later than May 31. Applications must be verified by an electronic signature. The deadline may be subject to change by the Aeronautics Division only after notification of any change is posted on the Department of Transportation's web site and sent to the official manager of record of every eligible airport.  

(3)  Each application must be complete and accompanied by all required supplemental materials.  The application must be submitted by a qualified applicant and the proposed courtesy car program must be detailed in the application.  The Aeronautics Division may reject ineligible, incomplete, or otherwise improper applications.  The applicant is solely responsible for any incomplete, improperly edited, or erroneous information submitted as part of the application.

(4) All grant monies awarded under this program must be used to purchase a car for the municipality's or third party's courtesy car program.  The applicant is responsible for retaining and providing documentation to ensure all grant monies received under the program are used as set forth within the application.

(5)  There is no fee for any part of the application or review process.


History: 67-2-102, 67-10-903, MCA; IMP, 67-10-901, 67-10-902, 67-10-903, 67-10-904, MCA; NEW, 2021 MAR p. 1912, Eff. 12/24/21.

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