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(1) An owner or operator may register a petroleum storage tank with the board for the purposes of determining potential eligibility of the petroleum storage tank for reimbursement under the petroleum tank release cleanup fund.

(2) An owner or operator may apply for such registration by submitting to the board a signed and otherwise completed application on a form provided by the board.

(3) The board may investigate and consult with other regulatory agencies concerning the information submitted in the forms to confirm the accuracy of the information submitted by the owner or operator. If a regulatory agency has information or the board discovers information that indicates the owner or operator submitted false or inaccurate information, the board may deny the application.

(4) If a regulatory agency has reported noncompliance regarding the operation and management of the petroleum storage tank, the board may deny the application.

(5) If the information on the form would, if true, establish potential eligibility and no inaccuracies have been discovered by or reported to the board, the board shall issue a statement to the owner or operator indicating potential eligibility for reimbursement.

(6) The board may delegate to the board staff the authority to issue determinations of potential eligibility for reimbursement when that determination is based on prior board decisions and similar material facts, subject to the owner or operator's right to be heard by the board.

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