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(1)  The board welcomes and encourages public participation in its operations in accordance with the requirements of state law and board rules. 

(2)  The board will conduct contested cases and rulemaking in accordance with the applicable provisions of the Montana Administrative Procedure Act (MAPA).  The board will conduct its meetings and other non-MAPA proceedings in accordance with ARM 8.111.202 and other applicable board rules.

(3)  Members of the public may submit written comment to the board regarding any matter within the jurisdiction of the board by electronic mail to the email address provided on the board's website at www.housing.mt.gov.  To be considered in any board rulemaking, such comment must be submitted within the time specified in any relevant rule notice.  To be considered in any board meeting under ARM 8.111.202, a comment must be received at least two business days before the board meeting.

(4)  The board shall provide continuing policy, program, and technical information at the earliest practicable times and at places reasonably accessible to interested or affected persons and organizations so that they can make informal and constructive contributions to board decision-making.

(5)  The board shall maintain a current electronic list of interested persons and organizations including any who have requested inclusion on such list for the distribution of information such as that listed in (4) or notice of public hearings or meetings.  This shall be in addition to lists maintained as required by the Montana Administrative Procedure Act.  The board shall provide any interested persons and organizations that have requested inclusion on such list with information as provided in (4) and, in addition to providing general notice of board meetings in accordance with ARM 8.111.202, provide such interested persons and organizations with informal advance notice of its public hearings and meetings.

(6)  The board shall make available for public inspection all rules and all other written statements of policy or interpretations formulated, adopted, or used by the board in the discharge of its functions and, upon request, provide a copy of any rule.  Unless otherwise provided by statute, the board may require the payment of the cost of providing such copies.

(7)  The board's public records, not including confidential information, are open to public inspection in accordance with the applicable provisions of Title 2, chapter 6, part 10, MCA.  The board may charge a fee for fulfilling public record requests determined in accordance with 2-6-1006, MCA.


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