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(1) Except as provided in (3) below, the owner or operator shall submit control device (and process and capture system, if applicable) operating parameter data obtained during the conduct of the applicable compliance or performance test conducted under conditions specified by the applicable rule. If the applicable rule does not specify testing conditions or only partially specifies test conditions, the performance test generally shall be conducted under conditions representative of maximum emissions potential under anticipated operating conditions at the pollutant-specific emissions unit. Such data may be supplemented, if desired, by engineering assessments and manufacturer's recommendations to justify the indicator ranges (or, if applicable, the procedures for establishing such indicator ranges) . Emission testing is not required to be conducted over the entire indicator range or range of potential emissions.

(2) The owner or operator must document that no changes to the pollutant-specific emissions unit, including the control device and capture system, have taken place that could result in a significant change in the control system performance or the selected ranges or designated conditions for the indicators to be monitored since the performance or compliance tests described in (1) above were conducted.

(3) If existing data from unit-specific compliance or performance testing specified in (1) above are not available, the owner or operator:

(a) shall submit a test plan and schedule for obtaining such data in accordance with (4) below; or

(b) may submit indicator ranges (or procedures for establishing indicator ranges) that rely on engineering assessments and other data, provided that the owner or operator demonstrates that factors specific to the type of monitoring, control device, or pollutant-specific emissions unit make compliance or performance testing unnecessary to establish indicator ranges at levels that satisfy the criteria in ARM 17.8.1504.

(4) If the monitoring submitted by the owner or operator requires installation, testing, or other necessary activities prior to use of the monitoring for purposes of this subchapter, the owner or operator shall include an implementation plan and schedule for completing these or any other appropriate activities prior to use of the monitoring. The implementation plan and schedule shall provide for use of the monitoring as expeditiously as practicable after approval of the monitoring in the air quality operating permit pursuant to ARM 17.8.1510, but in no case shall the schedule for completing installation and beginning operation of the monitoring exceed 180 days after approval of the permit.

(5) If a control device is common to more than one pollutant-specific emissions unit, the owner or operator may submit monitoring for the control device and identify the pollutant-specific emissions units affected and any process or associated capture device conditions that must be maintained or monitored in accordance with ARM 17.8.1504 rather than submit separate monitoring for each pollutant-specific emissions unit.

(6) If a single pollutant-specific emissions unit is controlled by more than one control device similar in design and operation, the owner or operator may submit monitoring that applies to all the control devices and identify the control devices affected and any process or associated capture device conditions that must be maintained or monitored in accordance with ARM 17.8.1504 rather than submit a separate description of monitoring for each control device.

History: 75-2-217, 75-2-218, MCA; IMP, 75-2-217, 75-2-218, MCA; NEW, 2000 MAR p. 839, Eff. 3/31/00.

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