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(1) On and after the date specified in ARM 17.8.1511(1) by which the owner or operator must use monitoring that meets the requirements of this subchapter, the owner or operator shall submit monitoring reports to the department in accordance with ARM 17.8.1212(3) (b) and (c) .

(2) A report for monitoring under this subchapter shall include, at a minimum, the information required under ARM 17.8.1212(3) (b) and (c) and the following information, as applicable:

(a) summary information on the number, duration and cause (including unknown cause, if applicable) of excursions or exceedances, as applicable, and the corrective actions taken;

(b) summary information on the number, duration and cause (including unknown cause, if applicable) for monitor downtime incidents (other than downtime associated with zero and span or other daily calibration checks, if applicable) ; and

(c) a description of the actions taken to implement a QIP during the reporting period as specified in ARM 17.8.1512. Upon completion of a QIP, the owner or operator shall include in the next summary report documentation that the implementation of the plan has been completed and reduced the likelihood of similar levels of excursions or exceedances occurring.

(3) The owner or operator shall comply with the recordkeeping requirements specified in ARM 17.8.1212(2) . The owner or operator shall maintain records of monitoring data, monitor performance data, corrective actions taken, any written quality improvement plan required pursuant to ARM 17.8.1512 and any activities undertaken to implement a quality improvement plan, and other supporting information required to be maintained under this subchapter (such as data used to document the adequacy of monitoring, or records of monitoring maintenance or corrective actions) .

(4) Instead of paper records, the owner or operator may maintain records on alternative media, such as microfilm, computer files, magnetic tape disks, or microfiche, provided that the use of such alternative media allows for expeditious inspection and review, and does not conflict with other applicable recordkeeping requirements.

History: 75-2-217, 75-2-218, MCA; IMP, 75-2-217, 75-2-218, MCA; NEW, 2000 MAR p. 839, Eff. 3/31/00.

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