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17.8.316    INCINERATORS

(1) An incinerator may not be used to burn solid or hazardous waste unless the incinerator is a multiple chamber incinerator or has a design of equal effectiveness approved by the department prior to installation or use.

(2) A person may not cause or authorize to be discharged into the outdoor atmosphere from any incinerator, particulate matter in excess of 0.10 grains per standard cubic foot of dry flue gas, adjusted to 12% carbon dioxide and calculated as if no auxiliary fuel had been used.

(3) A person may not cause or authorize to be discharged into the outdoor atmosphere from any incinerator emissions which exhibit an opacity of 10% or greater averaged over six consecutive minutes.

(4) To determine compliance with this rule, the department may direct that an incinerator not be operated at any time other than between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. When operation of an incinerator is prohibited by the department, the owner or operator of the incinerator shall store any solid or hazardous waste in a manner that will not create a fire hazard or arrange for removal and disposal of the solid or hazardous waste in a manner consistent with ARM Title 17, chapter 50, subchapter 5.

(5) This rule applies to performance tests for determining emissions of particulate matter from incinerators. All performance tests shall be conducted while the affected facility is burning solid or hazardous waste representative of normal operation. Testing shall be conducted in accordance with ARM 17.8.106 and the Montana Source Test Protocol and Procedures Manual.

(6) This rule does not apply to incinerators for which a Montana air quality permit has been issued under 75-2-215 , MCA, and ARM 17.8.770.

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