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18.6.306    SIGNAL UPGRADE

(1) On a schedule determined by the MDT, all railroad companies will be requested to submit information to MDT concerning existing public at-grade signals which need to be upgraded including the following information:

(a) age of the signal circuitry and other signal equipment and availability of parts;

(b) condition of the system; and

(c) proposed scope of work.

(2) MDT will compile a list of circuitry upgrade projects for all railroads using the following criteria:

(a) available federal funding; and

(b) the recommendation of the railroad companies.

(3) A diagnostic review will be made of each public railroad at-grade crossing considered for circuitry upgrade to determine a scope of work which may include:

(a) improving the road geometric design;

(b) upgrading the existing signal circuitry or other equipment;

(c) installing new signals, gate arms, or cantilevers;

(d) improving sight distance;

(e) removing the signals; and

(f) recommending other safety improvements deemed necessary by a diagnostic review team.

History: 60-2-121 and 2-3-103, MCA; IMP, 60-2-121 and 60-2-201, MCA; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 642, Eff. 4/8/97.

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