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(1) Central payroll may establish the following types of voluntary payroll deductions for:

(a) purchasing insurance;

(b) depositing money into a financial institution or investment program;

(c) contributing to a non-profit organization through the state employees' combined giving campaign; and

(d) transferring funds to any organization when the department of administration determines that allowing the deduction is in the best interests of the state.

(2) All requests for voluntary payroll deductions must be submitted in writing to central payroll and signed by the authorized representative of the firm or organization. The following information must be provided:

(a) the purpose of the deduction;

(b) an agreement not to solicit state employees during normal working hours unless a permit has been granted by the department of administration, general services division;

(c) an agreement to remit, upon telephone notice by central payroll, any corrected balance due the state of Montana by placing a check in the mail within 24 hours;

(d) forms for voluntary payroll deduction for approval by central payroll; and

(e) the name, address, and telephone number of the responsible contact person representing the firm or organization.

(3) Any firm or organization requesting approval of a voluntary deduction must present a minimum of 50 state employees' signatures on a petition in support of the request.

(4) In reviewing applications for payroll deduction, central payroll investigates:

(a) compliance with all federal and state regulatory requirements;

(b) to ensure that applicants have no on-going consumer investigations; and

(c) any other relevant factors.

(5) When a voluntary deduction is approved, an employee shall request the deduction by contacting the employing agency's payroll section.

(6) Central payroll may revoke approval for a voluntary payroll deduction if:

(a) the number of state employees authorizing the voluntary payroll deduction falls below 50. Central payroll must send immediate notice to the authorized representative for the voluntary payroll deduction that the deduction has fallen below the minimum requirement and that the firm or organization has 30 days to meet the requirement;

(b) the organization or the organization's agents solicit state employees during normal working hours without proper authorization or solicit state employees by implying that the organization's product is approved, authorized or in any way supported by the state; or

(c) the organization fails to comply with any of the requirements in this rule.

(7) When the approval of a payroll deduction has been revoked, central payroll must send immediate notice by certified mail to the contact person responsible for the payroll deduction and by state mail or regular mail to all state agencies.

(8) Thirty days after notice of the revocation of approval of a voluntary payroll deduction is sent to all state agencies, central payroll must remove the payroll deduction from the central payroll system.

(9) The department of administration may establish and/or maintain a voluntary payroll deduction when less than 50 employees request the deduction, if allowing the deduction is in the best interest of the state.

History: 2-18-401, MCA; IMP, 2-18-401 et seq. , MCA; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 2278, Eff. 12/16/97.

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