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(1) Agency managers shall use a competitive process when recruiting internally to fill permanent positions. 

(2) Agency managers are encouraged, but are not required to consider applicants included in the job registry in an internal recruitment process. Reinstated employees are not required to participate in a competitive process to be rehired as provided in the Implementing a Reduction in Force Policy (https://montana.policytech.com/docview/?docid=328&public=true&fileonly=true).

(3) Agency managers may:

(a) limit the internal competitive recruitment process to current employees of the agency, division, other appropriate internal unit, or laid-off employees participating in the job registry as provided in the Implementing a Reduction in Force Policy; or

(b) recruit internally to the agency, division, or other appropriate internal unit and to the job registry simultaneously unless this practice conflicts with agency policy or the provisions of a collective bargaining agreement.

(4) Agency managers may consider temporary employees hired through a competitive process in an internal recruitment; however, student interns, short-term workers, and temporary employees who were not hired through a competitive process are not eligible to participate in an internal recruitment.

(5) Agency managers may reassign current employees to temporary assignments not to exceed a period of two years without using a competitive recruitment. Agency managers shall use a competitive process when filling the position on a permanent basis.

(6) Agency managers shall post internal vacancy announcements according to agency standard procedures.


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